I put the third part of my trilogy on the shelf for just a bit. I know what it needs to look like (which isn't to say that I know exactly what the image will look like when I am finished, just that I have an idea about what it needs to portray). I am thinking about ways to complete it, how to approach the materials, and it is bigger than I thought. And, once again, I see my 'how I do anything, is how I do everything' mantra present in this 'on hold' place. I try not to leave things incomplete in my life, but sometimes I need to take a step back and get some distance and perspective before proceeding. So, instead, I have been doodling.

Doodling has re- emerged as an art form, a meditation and a subject for psychological study. There is a patented approach to doodle meditation called Zentangle. It has caught on as a meditative experience that ignites creativity. The focus of this practice is using simple lines to create repetitive patterns that invariably become beautiful and intricate works of art. I other art therapy news, researchers are looking at  the manner in which our brains are affected by doodling. Initial findings indicate that individuals who doodle retain more auditory information than non- doodlers. For more information on this and other similar art therapy practices go to: https://www.facebook.com/arttherapywithoutborders

Initially, I was going to title this post: The Art of Doodling. But as I was 'working' on this piece I realized that it would likely never be done- there were so many spaces in- between. Engagement with this media, and focused attention on line, colour, and movement has been very pleasing at a sensing level. I have enjoyed the freedom of the flow that has taken over the page. Each time I open up my book and grab my pens, I dive into the work. That seems like the wrong word for this, as it doesn't feel like work at all. It truly is a pleasing, calming and gentle way to meditate and create. The colours seem to choose themselves, and flow from my eyes through my fingers to the page. No thought to how something will look, I have relied on the trust that the shape will be exactly what I need to see. It is an intuitive process.
The 'spaces- in- between' has stirred a space within me, that is longing to be massaged. It holds the sweet remembrance of ideas, conversation and true exchange. It is a term that reminds me of the mysteries that we encounter every day. For me, it is the same as a pause in a yoga breath. In those precious seconds so much is revealed. The ways in which we can hold the spaces- in- between, and the room that we can make for them in our lives is often a reflection of how far we've traveled. 
As I have worked on 'filling in the spaces', I realized how little I have dwelled in the spaces, the unknown, recently. Lest anybody think I believe the unknown to be a wholly comfortable thing for me, I will rephrase: I haven't made enough time or space in my life to reflect on the bigger picture- that which is not completely knowable, and thus holds mystery that can be both awesome and delightful to see as it unfolds. In this context then, the unknown is a spiritual curiosity for me- what fits in that open space? Does that space in between me and you somehow hold the shape of our lives?
When I breathe into that space within me, there is always the possibility... the possibility that I will know more about myself, my place in the world, the people who populate it, than I did before. 
Similarly, as I dwell in the spaces on the page, new ways of enveloping my world in colour open up, and I am soothed by the way it naturally flows. 
I see new directions as I look at my additions to the spaces. More and more, I understand the nature of those spaces- in- between, and the complete stories they can hold. I will never be able to fill in all the spaces- at least I certainly hope not. The spaces allow for a refuge from the busy- ness around them. Each one is a quiet place to breathe, and reflect on the swirls of colour in which we live. They are pockets of meditation that invite us to pause. There is a praxis that occurs in this process: we act, we pause and reflect and then we move forward from that inner space to take further action that has taken shape based on our reflection. It is a natural and gentle way to be, and I long to remember my spaces- in- between more than I have. 
And in this case, I created the pockets, spaces, pauses, exactly where my intuition told me to place them. 
This is a work of my inner world: of colour, of movement and 'spaces- in- between'.

This was an important break from my intended work of finishing my trilogy. Taking the time to reflect and explore the space I'm in is essential for me- as essential as breath, and the pause in the breath.

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02/16/2016 10:35am

Speaking of Art, I remember when I was in my fifth grade, I did love our Art class. We did a lot of drawings, paintings and I enjoyed this activity. I got the highest grade in drawing a subject that creates illusions like as if it is moving and rotating. Until now, I enjoy drawing and painting, these are my beneficial hobbies.

01/17/2018 11:06pm

Obviously, doodling plays a huge part in your life and I really admire you for that. You are indeed a talented person, and I think you need to share it to other people. As someone who's interested to doodling, I am hoping that you will make a video of yourself doing it step by step. It will surely be a great help for all of us. I know it's going to take some of your time, but I assure you that a lot of people will benefit from this action. Thank you so much!

10/11/2016 8:33am

The space between us is full of light and warm kittens. Love you)

10/11/2016 8:35am

Color, shapes and moments is what I feel right now. it is so airlike to be free.

02/07/2017 8:24pm

Arts make us. That's what we are! And sometimes in life, we need to step back and get some distance. Getting some distance helped us to fully show up and make better decisions. It is the key to make our life or work balanced. We need to learn to step back from situations and take time to reflect.


Taking a break in everything you do really is essential. It correlates with more productivity. It never is a negative correlation. The human mind can never function good if it is not positively uninterrupted. We need to realize the fact that our mind requires some form of rest.


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I am also making doodle when I was in high school and you know what, a lot of my friends are keep asking me to make a doddle for them. I guess during that time my doodle was really great that is why my friends like them too. Making an art or something related to the art has been always my passion, Art never go out my style and I expresses my feelings toward Art. I also do painting, drawing and writing these form of arts are my most favorite thing to do.


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