As I indicated in my first blog, I have continued to make art. Not all of it has been profound. Sometimes it's just play- which is great. How often do we stop to play in our lives? The pieces that follow had a deeper impact on my awareness. I conceived them as a series that would have common elements that would let a story or idea unfold. I didn't know what the story would be, nor even what elements would be consistent. What I knew was that I had a strong sensation to connect deeply and let the colours of my depth reveal themselves. Like unmasking at a costume ball, I imagined that there could well be surprises. 
Some surprises are welcome. 

Three canvas boards. All different sizes. Each one holding possibilities. I looked at them and wondered what possibilities they might hold for me? In what ways would these three empty spaces allow me to go deeper into self- awareness. How could these three small canvases facilitate my knowing, my ability to be compassionate, my healing?
I felt open.
I had no preconceived idea of what needed to appear. I had no image, just a felt sense that I am still uncovering the layers; looking at each from different angles. 
My intention as I approached my art session, was simply to let the media guide me, to 'trust the process'. With this in mind, I  chose materials that appeal to me for various reasons: oil pastels because I can really feel them adhere to the surface as I apply them. I know I will have a visceral sensation of hard work. My big tub of gesso- because you just never know when you'll need the properties of gesso. A small selection of watercolours- because I love them.

The smallest of my three images was  possibly the most impactful, at least for for me. The lesson was carried throughout the rest of my art making experience. I started with crimson oil pastel, and then added black; hard lines that couldn't be broken. I knew that the characteristics of watercolour would not cover the oil pastel. I painted over my lines with brown watercolour, only to find that I was being buried alive... swallowed whole by the process. 
What I KNEW was wrong. 
I had the dawning realization that this was a metaphor for old beliefs, lies that I had absorbed, as if in my DNA. I had created an in the moment experience of changing my beliefs, or, at least, recognizing how my old thoughts clung to me, like an odour I couldn't wash away. 
While this may seem very simplistic as a process, as my awareness was open and ready to shift, it just made sense that the old thoughts and messages that I have held onto for my whole life just might possibly be untrue. I still live with the fears that what is deep within me is bad and ugly, and that saying the words is fraught with danger.
So I CHANGED the image!
I scraped away the paint, so the underlying 'original' was visible.
I moved to the next canvas board immediately. I felt emboldened by my shift and was anticipatory at the thought of what the next piece would hold. Without hesitation I picked up the crimson oil pastel, and then added, what I had come to think of as its alter ego, the black. The black pushing hard against the surface felt right in my hand. It was like I was pushing back against the deep blackness I had encountered in many corners of my life. I added a perpendicular line of black and covered it all with thick gobs of gesso. 
Without letting anything dry or settle, I covered most of it with a great swirling, blue and yellow sun.
The image felt complete. 
It seemed like the perfect balance of layers uncovered, texture and warmth overlaying all. This seemed like balance to me- what I aspire to.
My third image in this series was a more cognitive piece that the first two had been. It was a matter of applying what I had taken from the experiences of art making. Out came the crimson and black- bold lines that bordered the experience, providing a safe buffer for what was to come. Adding grey pastel, it turned itself into a tree.
As I worked, and added a thin line of dark blue pastel I decided that it could be a boundary. I decided that there could be a more harmonious blending of colour and media, that they could share the space. Blue and white that hold spiritual elements for me, and a bit of yellow at the top for warmth.
And then the door. A portal to...?

This was an art experience I came to with readiness, and willingness to explore what my unconscious mind would share with my more cognitive aspects. In my willingness to let the forms shape themselves, to let the colours move where they needed to be, I let my innermost thoughts, ideas and fears appear. Subtle though it may be, there was movement from the fear, but great desire to reveal the underlying self- secrets and all, moving to an image of warmth and expansiveness and finally coming to a negotiation with that which has previously buried me, covered up the innermost. I came to a conclusion that is comfortable for now. I re- visioned the dark strokes of red and black into supportive backing that could support growth- metaphorically, the tree. A balance of covering and blending, revealing and holding close appeared in my felt sense of this work that I had done. 
In terms of my current struggle with healing past hurts that have caused pain and subsequent unhealthy coping, this session of art making is a step towards recognition and ultimately acceptance of a reframe of the past, yet again. 
There are always layers to uncover, and wisdom to be gained as I delve deeper into my central core being. Understanding of 'un- learning' useless, hurtful lies, and my power to transform my experiences into growth is what I see here today.

As always I welcome responses, and share, share, share...


11/19/2013 4:47am

I love the blue and yellow...and the portal. It's like a transformation spiral of light. In the midst of the darkest times is when light has a true opportunity to shine. There is so much Mediterranean energy. Blue waters of ancient worlds like revisiting the farther past and finding both peace and clarity in it.

11/19/2013 7:37am

Thanks Tyra.
I find your words supportive and encouraging.
Interesting that you speak of the Mediterranean- I found Greece so healing this past summer.
How are you doing?

07/15/2017 2:11am

I find your painting unique and beautiful. It may seem to have a difference compared to other painting, but it is still art. I see that each canvas has different design and colors. I think it's also better if you combine the pieces together to form a one big painting collage. Nevertheless, I hope you do more art in the future. Don't quit on your passion because it is the only drive that can make you motivated in your everyday life. Don't quit on art!

11/30/2013 1:03pm

I love reading about the process, it really sheds light on how the healing progresses.

12/25/2014 7:09am

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10/11/2016 8:06am

Yellow and blue is a calm colors suits for a relaxation practice.

10/11/2016 8:07am

Yes. Share the experience you have. This is very interesting for the future generations.


This is a portal to a new life full of impressions and new ideas. Cheers!

07/06/2017 11:45pm

Nice art! Such process is very good, calming therapy, isn't it?


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